The game that we made is called cancelling cancer.  As a group we divided tasks for each team members. For me, I was chosen as the head of Design this means I provided the sprites, animation, the tutorial page, sound effects, codes for scoring, codes for combo multiplier and credits page. For the game, because it is all about cancer I provided the cells sprites to help the user to interact and understand more about cells. For the cells, I added animations to make the cells more alive by using the animation on the construct 2 to have a better game play experience. For the background I added events of randomized black ink to fall down by using the bullet that is provided by the construct 2 this will make the sprite goes to a place similar to a bullet or a straight line. For the tutorial page I used an event where you will hide the first layer and switch it to the second layer as if it changes slides. For the scoring, each time the user placed the correct cells where it will be accept/decline it will add a point that will be shown in the game, I used variables to keep track of the points. Next tricky stuff that I was able to add is the combo multiplier, for this I uses variable that keeps track of the correct answer that is on a streak. How this work is when a cell is passed it will also add a combo multiplier by 1 point, if the combo multiplier reached 5 point it will double the scores, this similar technique is used for the next continuous five combo multiplier. The sound is added so the game will not be dull such as when you score or earned a streak.

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